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Brewing TRADITION, one POT at a time, Since 2015

Welcome to the Flour Box Tea Rooms! We’re glad you’re here! The Flour Box began as a bakery on Marshall Street not more than a block from where the Tea Room is now. Fresh pastries made from scratch and a wonderful customer base kept the bakery in business until Milla could find a nice location for her real aspiration: an English-style tea room. That location was found in Old Salem Museums & Gardens, an historic Moravian settlement located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Two short years and the Flour Box began to feel its borders as the requests for larger event space increased in number. Milla had to look no further than Marshall Street where a wonderful historic home became available. The Henry F. Shaffner House, built in 1907 by one of the founders of Wachovia Bank, had plenty of dining and event space needed by the Flour Box Tea Rooms. The Shaffner House is also open as a Bed & Breakfast.

The “taking of tea” is a social experience. Tea is morning relaxation and refreshment between breakfast and lunch. Tea is afternoon contemplation and and nibbling between lunch and dinner. Many of the Flour Box regulars can attest that Milla will go to great lengths to accommodate special requests and special dietary needs. At least an hour every day is spent researching recipes from customer requests and periodicals such as Southern Living and Tea Time Magazine. Variety keeps tradition interesting.



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